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Frequently asked questions

How do I hang my Brick Pic on a wall?
Where are you located?
How long does it take to build?
Do I get to build the brick mosaic myself?
How much does a Brick Mosaic cost?
How long does it usually take for my order to arrive?
How to connect the baseplates together?
What sizes are available?
Do you use LEGO bricks?

What our customers say

Putting our Brick Pic together was easy but so much fun. It was like being a kid again! And the extra bricks included in the kit were a nice surprise. Thanks!
Mitchell, Bowral
Love the creator app! I could spend hours playing with different photos and trying different things. Really brings up your creative side! I already have 3 Brick Pics hanging on walls around the house :)
Karina, Sydney
Great alternative activity to a puzzle! We had a great time creating our own family picture and actually building it all as a family was very fun! Brilliant.
Tom, Byron Bay
Absolute great experience, my kids loved it! We designed the mosaic together and then built it, a fantastic experience from start to end. The optional frame looks neat and suits our living room.
Grace, Melbourne

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