No Brick Left Behind! Program

Welcome to the No Brick Left Behind! Program.

Your Brick Me Kit came with lots of bricks to spare. You probably asked yourself: “what should I do with all those extra bricks?”.

Don’t you worry, we can find them a new home! Simply fill out the form and we will email you a return shipping label. Just print the label, attach it to the Brick Me box with all the spare bricks (or you can use any other box), tape the box close and drop it off at your nearest post office!

What information we need?

  • Your Brick Me order number (you can find this on your invoice),
  • Your email address,
  • A list of the brick colours you are sending back (colours are numbered 1-50),
  • Estimated number of bricks you are sending back for each colour. You don’t need to count them one by one, just use the plastic containers the bricks come in as an indication to how many bricks are left (use this image to know how many bricks normally fit in each type of container).
  • Make sure all bricks are separated by colour in their original plastic containers, with the original stickers indicating the colour numbers still on the containers (it’s ok if the stickers are torn/damaged).

Ready? Let’s fill out those boxes:
(If you can't see the form below, try refreshing the page, or follow this link to open the form in a new window.)