Arjen Robben - Brick Art Mosaic Kit

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Are you a fan of football and LEGO? This Lego-compatible brick art mosaic of Arjen Robben is the perfect addition to your collection. Robben is a retired Dutch professional footballer who played as a winger. He is known for his speed, dribbling skills, and ability to cut inside and score stunning goals.

This mosaic is made up of hundreds of Lego-compatible bricks, carefully designed to recreate Robben's likeness in intricate detail. You can choose from different sizes to fit your space, whether you want a small desktop decoration or a large wall hanging.

The kit comes with instructions and all the bricks you need to build the mosaic yourself. It's a fun and challenging project that will provide hours of entertainment. Once you've completed it, you'll have a unique piece of art that celebrates one of the most iconic footballers of our time.

All Brick Mosaic kits come with:

  • Transparent baseplates
  • All the bricks you need (and some extra)
  • Brick Separator
  • Building instructions manual