Aluminium Frame - suitable for small baseplates (24x24 studs)

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Baseplate Configuration

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Check out our blog post on how to assemble your frame.

Attention! This frame is only suitable for mosaics made with the 'small' baseplates (24x24 studs, 19.2x19.2 cm each baseplate). For frames suitable for large baseplates, click here.

Size Chart:

 Baseplate configurationInner mosaic dimensions
2x238.4 x 38.4 cm
2x338.4 x 57.6 cm
3x357.6 x 57.6 cm
3x457.6 x 76.8 cm
3x557.6 x 96 cm
4x476.8 x 76.8 cm
4x576.8 x 96 cm
5x596 x 96 cm
5x696 x 115.2 cm