Aluminium Frame - suitable for brick mosaics using 24x24 studs baseplates

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Baseplate Configuration

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Check out our blog post on how to assemble your frame.

Attention! This frame is only suitable for mosaics made with '24x24 studs' baseplates (19.2x19.2cm / 7.5x7.5" each baseplate). The "large" baseplates (32x32 studs) have been discontinued and we no longer carry frames for those mosaics.

Size Chart:

 Baseplate configurationInner mosaic dimensions
2x238.4 x 38.4 cm
2x338.4 x 57.6 cm
3x357.6 x 57.6 cm
3x457.6 x 76.8 cm
3x557.6 x 96 cm
4x476.8 x 76.8 cm
4x576.8 x 96 cm
5x596 x 96 cm
5x696 x 115.2 cm