Broadway Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian - Brick Art Mosaic Kit

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Introducing our latest addition to our Lego-compatible art mosaic collection, Broadway Boogie Woogie by Mondrian. This iconic masterpiece is a celebration of the dynamic energy of New York City's grid system. The painting features a vibrant patchwork of rectangular shapes in varying sizes, representing the bustling streets and the flow of traffic.

Our Lego-compatible brick art mosaic kit allows you to recreate this modern masterpiece in a fun and interactive way. The kit includes all the necessary bricks and instructions, making it easy to build your own Broadway Boogie Woogie in the comfort of your own home. The mosaic comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your space and budget.

Whether you're an art lover, a Lego enthusiast, or just looking for a unique and stylish decoration for your home or office, our Broadway Boogie Woogie Lego-compatible brick art mosaic is sure to impress. It's a great way to appreciate the beauty and complexity of Mondrian's work while engaging in a fun and creative activity.

All Brick Mosaic kits come with:

  • Transparent baseplates
  • All the bricks you need (and some extra)
  • Brick Separator
  • Building instructions manual