Nano Mounting Strips - Attach baseplates to almost any surface - 4 pack (for 1 baseplate)

$2.00 USD

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The Brick Me NANO Mounting Strips are the perfect solution for attaching your Brick Mosaic's baseplates to the wall, without using a frame!

The Nano Strips use special adhesive technology:

  • No glue, leaves no residue.
  • Easily removable and reusable - just wash in water, dry, and use again!
  • Damage-Free Hanging*
  • Attaches to almost any surface.
  • Strong and lasting hold.

Each pack contains 4 strips. For the best results, use 4 strips for each baseplate (one in each corner).

If your Lego Mosaic consists of more than one baseplate, the easiest way to put the baseplates together is to attach each one individually to the wall, and align them so the mosaic looks seamless. We recommend starting from the bottom row upwards.

* The strips can be removed from most surfaces leaving no damage, however results may vary depending on the surface or its condition. Try to be careful when removing the strips - slowly and gently. If the hold feels too strong when removing, spray some water on the area around the strip.