Best Personalised Gifts for Father's Day in Australia

As Father's Day approaches, the challenge to find a gift that encapsulates the legendary spirit of Aussie dads is on. The Aussie father is a multifaceted character. While he might not be chasing fish or passionately coaching from the sidelines during footy season, there's a whole world of unique preferences that set him apart. From perfecting the art of couch snoozing to rocking those trusty pairs of thongs, he's rewriting the rulebook of what it means to be a dad. So, as we delve into the realm of personalised gifts that will resonate with these remarkable fathers, let's embrace their one-of-a-kind quirks and celebrate the spirit that makes them quintessentially Aussie. Find a personalised gift for Dad in the options below.

Brick Mosaic by Brick Me

Surprise him with a one-of-a-kind Lego gift for Dad from Brick Me. Transform your cherished family photos into stunning LEGO® compatible brick mosaics. These artworks are not only visually captivating but also an interactive experience for your dad. The process is simple: use the Brick Me Creator web app to design your personalised LEGO®-style mosaic for free. Once your design is ready, order the Brick Me kit that includes high-quality bricks, baseplates, and user-friendly instructions to guide your dad in crafting his own brick masterpiece. It's like a paint-by-numbers puzzle that results in a captivating work of art that he'll proudly display. This gift is a perfect choice for dads who are LEGO® enthusiasts or those who appreciate the joy of hands-on creativity.

Dad building Lego brick mosaic with son

Custom Fishing Lure

Does the following sound like your dad? Nothing gets his heart racing quite like a weekend spent wrangling a snaggle-toothed fish that's giving him a run for his money, all while regaling tales of the one that got away, which, let's be honest, probably wasn't that big to begin with. Then get ready to become Dad's new favourite fishing companion with a personalised fishing lure. You can add a message like "Daddy's fishing buddy" and your name beneath.

personalised fishing lure

Bunnings Gift Card With a Twist

For the dad who's always busy tinkering away on his next home improvement project or cultivating his garden oasis, a gift card from his beloved sanctuary, Bunnings, is always going to be welcome. Personalise it with a $5 note to make sure he can grab a snag at the sausage sizzle or a notepad to write his shopping list because you know he always forgets that one thing. To take it a step further, include a "Bunnings Expert" badge that he can proudly wear while exploring the aisles, letting everyone know he's a true DIY champion. You could also include a mini tape measure keychain. And for a heartfelt touch, include a handwritten note on the back of a paint sample card expressing your admiration for his craftsmanship and the wonderful memories you've shared in the midst of sawdust and garden soil.

bunnings gift card


What about a bespoke keychain that not only holds keys but also cradles the essence of your relationship with your dad? Check out this DADDYSAURUS option, which has a main tag carved into the shape of a dinosaur. The keychain features additional name tags, which you can get to bear the name of you and your siblings. Then there's this one, with fist bump engravings capturing the connection shared between you and your dad. Or claim your dad with the "this daddy belongs to..." keychain. 

personalised keychain

Personalised BBQ Set

Hold onto your aprons because we've just unlocked the secret to taking your dad's grill game from "burgers on a Tuesday" to "culinary genius on a weekend". It comes in a carry bag personalised with your own message. Suggestions include "The Grill Master Has Arrived!" or “King of the Grill”. Imagine your dad strutting onto the BBQ battlefield with this BBQ set slung over his shoulder like a modern-day warrior. Inside, the stainless steel wonders await – spatula, tongs, and a fork that could double as an Olympic javelin (just kidding, don't throw it). Every flip, every sizzle, and every saucy triumph will be accompanied by the sweet sound of admiration from backyard neighbours. So, there you have it – a stainless steel BBQ set that's not just a set, it's a proclamation. It's a proclamation that your dad is the reigning champion of the grill, the maestro of marinades, and the lord of the barbecue domain. And with your personalised message emblazoned on that carry bag, there's no mistaking who the true star of this backyard culinary spectacle is.

personalised BBQ set

Custom Wall Sign

Welcome to the Dad Zone, a realm of unparalleled wisdom and, let's be honest, questionable dance moves, where every brew is a masterpiece, and the man cave is Behold the pièce de résistance of this sacred space – a custom wall sign that's not just a sign, it's a proclamation of Dad's unrivalled domain. Picture a sign that reads "Dad's Bar: Cold Beer Served Here", and imagine the look of pride on your dad's face as he hangs this sign on the wall, transforming his sanctuary into a legendary watering hole. 

Custom wall sign

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And there you have it – a treasure trove of personalised gift ideas that are practically singing, "Dad, you're the real MVP". As Father's Day approaches, the challenge of finding the perfect gift is no longer daunting. From a brick mosaic gift for a dad who likes Lego to fishing lures that are practically fish magnets, we've got you covered. Whether he's a grill master who deserves nothing less than a stainless steel BBQ set or a DIY enthusiast who practically breathes Bunnings air, we've tailored these gifts to embody his uniqueness. So go ahead, take your pick from this arsenal of personalised presents that are as one-of-a-kind as the legendary Aussie dad himself. Because this Father's Day, it's not just about the gifts – it's about celebrating the quirks, the laughs, and the memories that make your dad the irreplaceable character he is. So get ready to make his day, and maybe even earn yourself the title of "Best Gift-Giver in the Southern Hemisphere".

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