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How it Works

How it Works

Use the Brick Me Creator web-app to design your own personalised LEGO®-Style mosaic for free! Order your Brick Me kit complete with bricks, baseplates, and easy to follow instructions to build your Brick Art yourself. It’s like a paint-by-numbers puzzle!

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These are some examples of different sizes you can create, but much more is possible.

See how the price is calculated here


The price of the Brick Mosaic is determined by its size. The mosaics are created using multiplications of baseplates as a base. For example, a mosaic uses baseplates. The price for each baseplate is:

studs, cm = .

For example, a mosaic using baseplates will cost .

When creating your design in the Brick Me Creator, you can see the total price of your mosaic at the bottom left side (Desktop), or above the image (Mobile).

There is also a small 2% premium if more than 25 colours are used in the design.


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Common Questions

How do I hang my Brick Pic on a wall?

We recommend two options for putting your beautiful creations up for display.

  1. Frame it. You can get a frame from us that will fit your Brick Pic perfectly, or get a custom frame from a frame shop. Watch our video to learn how to frame your Brick Pic!
  2. Attach the baseplates directly to the wall using our special Nano Mounting Strips. The strips use a special no-glue technology and can be attached, removed, and reused many times leaving no residue and without damaging the wall.

Do I get to build the brick mosaic myself? Are there instructions?

Yes! Our simple instructions are like paint-by-numbers, only with bricks. Just place the transparent baseplate over the coloured numbers grid, and start building your picture. It’s super easy and great fun to do either by yourself or with friends and family!

I don't want to build it myself. Can you build the brick mosaic for me?

Due to low demand for this service, we currently only offer mosaic assembly services for our commercial customers. Please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to build?

On average, it should take around 45 minutes per baseplate. Don’t worry if it takes you longer – the next one will be quicker!

How long does it usually take for my order to arrive?

We normally dispatch orders 1-2 business days from the date of purchase, from our warehouse in Chatswood NSW, Australia. Estimated delivery times depend on your location and delivery method (standard or express). We use Australia Post for deliveries, you can check their website for domestic (Australia) delivery times here, and international delivery times here. Check out our shipping policy page for more information on shipping.

How to connect the baseplates together?

The baseplates do not directly connect to each other. The best way to put the mosaic together is to mount it on a wall. See "How do I hang my Brick Pic on a wall?"

What sizes are available?

Our baseplates come in one size: 24x24 studs (19.2 x 19.2 cm). You can combine these baseplates to create brick mosaics of a wide range of sizes. For example, 3 by 4 baseplates (12 baseplates total) will give you a size of 76.8 by 57.6 centimetres.

Do you use LEGO bricks?

Our bricks are not LEGO branded, but they are compatible with LEGO bricks. We have many colours in our colour palette that are not available as official LEGO colours.