Brick Me Videos

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How it works video

See how Brick Me works in 60 seconds! Simply upload your photo, design, and order. Building your mosaic is easy and super fun!


How to assemble the brick me frame

Checkout our blog post for detailed instructions:


Brick Me Unboxing Video (feat. Maddy and Jimmy from Lego Masters!)

Maddy and Jimmy from Lego Masters season 1 were very excited to get their Brick Me Kit! Check out their unboxing video!


Prince the dog brick mosaic

Brick Me customers love making brick mosaics of their pets! This is Prince. He's a good dog. Think your pet deserves a brick mosaic too? go to our web-app and start bricking!


Unboxing simplify create inspire

Watch Holly Unbox her Brick Me kit and build a beautiful Brick Me mosaic! Holly is a lifestyle and parenting blogger based in Brisbane, Australia. Check out her website 'Simplify Create Inspire' here:


Brick Me Creator Tutorial Video (for Desktop)

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to use the Brick Me Creator web-app (desktop version).

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