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Design it for me Service (final mosaic cost not included)

Design it for me Service (final mosaic cost not included)

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Please read before purchasing:
This product represents a design service only, and does not include the cost of the final brick mosaic. After purchasing the service, you will be contacted via email by our designer and presented with brick mosaic designs to choose from based on your uploaded image and your instructions. Once you approve a design, you will be given instructions for how to order it. Please note that after the first previews are provided the service cannot be refunded. If you don't want our designer to design your mosaic, you can design it yourself for free here: Brick Me Creator

Designing your own brick mosaic is awesome, but sometimes it's hard to get it right. We can design it for you! Whether you want your mosaic to look better or just can't be bothered with designing your brick pic yourself. With our Design Service we can:

  • Increase image clarity and details
  • Remove objects from the photo
  • Increase resolution on people's faces
  • Remove or change the background
  • Improve bad lighting and remove shadows
  • And much more!

A fair and flat fee

With the Design Service you first pay a flat fee for the service itself - you won't have to pay for the final brick mosaic until after you approve the preview and decide to order.

So how does it work?

First, choose your preferred picture orientation and size. This is only a preference to give our designer some initial direction, and you'll be able to change it later when corresponding with the designer. The size of your mosaic will affect its final price - see below for a list of sizes and price ranges. Also, remember that resolution only increases with mosaic size, so a photo with lots of detail (like several people) will normally require a larger mosaic to look nice.

Then, upload your photo. If you want to add some instructions, write them in the text box (For example: "replace the background to pink", or "remove that photobomb from the picture"). then add the service to your cart and proceed to checkout to pay. Don't forget to add your accurate email and phone number at checkout - we will need it to contact you about your design.

Finally, our designer will contact you by email within a couple of days with your first design preview. The designer will communicate with you to try and get the best results with your design, until you're ready to order your awesome new Brick Me Mosaic!

Sizes and prices

The size of the brick mosaic is determined by the number of baseplates (for example, 3x4= 12 baseplates)

Please check the Pricing section on our homepage to understand the pricing of your final brick mosaic kit.