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Joker - Brick Art Mosaic Kit

Joker - Brick Art Mosaic Kit

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    Nano Mounting Strips - Attach baseplates to almost any surface - 4 pack (for 2 baseplates)
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    Aluminium Frame - suitable for brick mosaics using 24x24 studs baseplates
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Dive into the darker side of comic book lore with our Lego-compatible "Joker Mosaic" kit. This enthralling building set lets you recreate Gotham’s most infamous villain with vivid precision and detail. Detailed instructions guide you through each step, ensuring a satisfying and immersive building experience for fans of all ages.

Available in three sizes, the "Joker Mosaic" can be a striking addition to your collection, whether as a centerpiece in your living room or a standout piece in your office. Each kit is designed not only for building but also for appreciating the artistry behind one of the most complex characters in the DC universe. As you assemble each brick, you'll witness the transformation of simple pieces into a compelling representation of chaos and charisma.

The "Joker Mosaic" is perfect for comic book enthusiasts, collectors, and creative builders looking to explore their favorite villain in a new and interactive way. This mosaic is not just a model but a piece of art that captures the essence of the Joker’s legacy— mysterious and unmistakably memorable. It’s an ideal gift for those who revel in the lore of superheroes and villains, providing a unique way to celebrate their passion for storytelling and character development.

All Brick Mosaic kits come with:

  • Transparent baseplates
  • All the bricks you need (and some extra)
  • Brick Separator
  • Building instructions manual



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