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Michael Jordan - Brick Art Mosaic Kit

Michael Jordan - Brick Art Mosaic Kit

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Step into the world of vibrant art and basketball with the "Michael Jordan WPAP Mosaic" kit, a Lego-compatible set that blends the energy of pop art with the legend of the basketball court. This unique kit allows you to build a WPAP (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait) style mosaic of Michael Jordan, known for his six NBA championships and status as a cultural icon. The kit includes a variety of brightly colored bricks and a detailed instruction manual to guide you in creating a geometric, abstract representation of Jordan's dynamic athleticism and competitive spirit.

The Michael Jordan WPAP Mosaic is available in different sizes to cater to various display needs and preferences. Whether you choose a smaller kit to spice up your workstation or a larger piece to serve as the centerpiece of a room, each option provides a visually striking portrayal that captures the essence of Jordan's legacy through bold colors and sharp lines.

This building set is not just a creative project; it's a collector's piece that offers a modern twist on traditional sports memorabilia. Perfect for art enthusiasts, basketball fans, and collectors alike, this mosaic brings a touch of contemporary art to the legendary world of sports. It's an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the intersection of art and athleticism, providing an engaging way to celebrate one of the greatest athletes of all time.

All Brick Mosaic kits come with:

  • Transparent baseplates
  • All the bricks you need (and some extra)
  • Brick Separator
  • Building instructions manual



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